Uniting Calamities

During a hotly…, sweaty summer seasons we always prays that if rain was there or a cold breeze that comforts us. But when rainy seasons arrives and when rain doesn’t feel like stopping, Its really dreadful…!

The drastic weather change put a complete state under threat. Heavy rain play a Havoc in Kerala. And I am also victim of it. I have heard lots of floods occurring around.  But I never imagined how it will be like when we have to confront a threat of  flood.

The rainfall was however unprecedented, peaking first around July 20 and then  returning in full force on August 8. Almost in all TV channels were only having news of floods and videos of buildings and areas devastated by flood.

Usually I don’t take serious of any matter in my life, but these news nearly made me panic as our home is only few yards away from Periyar. First threat to us was informed on 10th August that heavy river flow will reach the Varapuzha within the time of 5 PM and area will be submerged by 5 feet above river level. Howbeit I went for job thinking what to do…? Even planned to sent my certificates by courier to Coimbatore where my sister works. when I discussed it with my husband he was least bothered about it. So I give up the plan also, courier may not be possible.  Then I planned  to buy a trucking bag ample to carry necessary things. Due to alarming alerts I departed from job early and went straight to a mall to buy bag, thank God! there was discount offers. I went home and kept as much as stuff I could fill the bag and kept rest of the things above the wardrobe.

Called my husband to share my fear he informed that nothing to worry his friend has sent the image of water level and informed that the level of Periyar has become lower than earlier so nothing to worry. Even though my fear has not gone yet. I emptied lowest rack of wardrobe to upper wardrobe, like my wedding album, shoes etc but nothing happened on that day. From these day onwards I was sleeping every-night fearing  what will happened next day…having night mare full of water everywhere.

But on morning nothing happend, there was no sign of any flood. I was relieved to some extent. Still news informs that it will reach by noon then by evening and so on. I feel like neglecting these rubbish news I began to blame our poorly developed weather telecasting centers. Father in law was getting panic.  Days pass by and on 14th August river level has rise so asked husband to keep the bikes to safer places as it may cause damage to vehicles.  On 15th August morning water started to  enter into our house so father planned for shifting since there was no time, I emptied lowest rack of Almirah to bed as my expected water level is below the bed. I packed my bag with all necessary clothes and documents. we staggered through the road as it was covered with mud, and unseen ditches, and took the bikes and drove to chetibagham. It was very difficult to keep our phone charged with luck there was current in shifted house till 1 pm and kept my phone in aeroplane mode. then me and hubby go to home next day to check the status, water level has lowered than before due to low tide but by the evening there will be high tide. We shifted the washing machine to inside after consistent persuasion of second sister in law added I have to convince my husband by telling again and again. I want to move the bed to upper side but he was not at all helping me so I leave it but forgot to keep my text books over bed as I was planning to keep it on cot after shifting the bed, then we left to Chetibhagam evening that time water level has increased to higher level due to high tide.

Then after one day father in law went to Palarivattom along with them we also left, as collector ordered to evacuate as water is gonna rise again by 5 feet. In Palarivattom we stayed for 2 days then we planned to shift to home before water level decrease as we could clean the home easily than when mud get dried. When we entered home there was full of mud it was very difficult to get in, with God’s grace only one feet of water entered the house. Everything was OK but no idea how to clear the house. We started cleaning from one side then from husbands office some friends came. They were very helpful otherwise we would have been in a great trouble. Then by evening father in law went to daughter’s house in Chetibagam but we slept in the home for that night i think only we were started staying in home in our region. There was full of silence and only we could hear is cricket sounds. We planned not to use inverter but due to hotness we used it but got switched off at 4am. We have some stored drinking water i have to adjust a lot for cooking and meeting other needs, our well was completely contaminated with water. Then panchayat started supplying drinking water, we have to run for drinking water. Lots of organization distributed necessary thing to all houses affected. After several days current supply was also established. S we realized that motor is not working and then fridge also not working. We have to buy a new motor and we have to keep all electrical equipment on sunlight. Fridge started working, washing machine is also OK, then slowly everything was become normal. We got lots of things from certain office, friends, groups and media. Some of the excess things we distributed to poor and mostly affected people.

It was with God’s grace we were able to overcome these threat along with these we have to more careful, preventive and should be prepared with precautionary measures at these conditions though risk is less. These are the times when people care for each other irrespective of any cast and race, and the hidden love of humanism will be revealed.